About Tim Cambias

Tim grew up in Atlanta, GA and attended Woodward Academy where their art program allowed him to explore various art forms and to begin experimenting with the imaginative process.  After high school Tim was drawn to New Orleans for it's rich history, cuisine, and music.  There he found that creating paintings from his own imagination drawn from his experiences was what truly inspired him.  After graduating with a B.A. in Fine Arts from Loyola University New Orleans in 1995, Tim returned to his hometown bringing with him a desire to recreate the New Orleans vibe on canvas.  Outside of his day job he worked on private commissions along with showing his work at various clubs and restaurants.  Business took him to Dallas, TX in 2004.  Here Tim lived, all the while painting as a creative outlet and developing his unique and colorful style.  Family matters drove Tim's decision to move back to his hometown after 8 years in Texas.  Tim returned ready to embrace the opportunity to focus on his art.  Tim has been back in Atlanta since 2012 happily painting each day and developing his creative side even further.